Campaign strategy, messaging and polling

PCC specializes in developing a campaign message that reflects you: your views, your values, and your qualifications. We develop a campaign strategy that will get your message out to the voters, reassuring that you are the best candidate for the job. We also conduct polling to ensure and monitor that your campaign message is a winning solution.

Fundraising and Finance Reporting

Running a campaign is a committment and a financial investment like no other. At PCC we specialize in helping you raise the funds needed to finance your campaign. We develop a detailed budget for you prioritizing the funding needed to run it effectively and efficiently. We organize, staff fundraisers, and identify potential donors.

All campaigns must follow the Fair Campaign Practices Act. The Act requires all candidates to file financial disclosure reports at specific times and if a candidate fails to comply, he or she faces disqualification. This is something we take very seriously! PCC has extensive expertise and knowledge in complying with this law. We file your reports and guarantee that candidates follow the filing guidelines.

Grassroots Efforts

A strong grassroots campaign is the key to getting your message out.  We help you to identify events in the community that will increase your visibility, organize meet and greets, provide door to door walking lists, and phone bank lists.  PCC also helps you with campaign sign placement and organizing volunteers and volunteer opportunities.


Political advertisement allows you to reach your targeted audience.  We design your television commercials and radio ads and devise a strategic plan to make sure your media placement delivers your campaign platform and message to the voters.

Graphic Design and Website Development

We develop your campaign logo and lay out all of your campaign mail and handouts.   We also provide you with a variety of choices in campaign materials that will help you get your message out when attending events.

In this day and age, social media has become a part of our daily lives and this is no different when running your campaign.  We develop a website design that reflects your campaign message while soliciting volunteer recruitment and campaign donations.  We can also help you set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and other social outlets.